The title REAL GAINDÉ is awarded to all those who have exceptionally distinguished themselves by their service, their art and other professional activities carried out within the Senegalese society or African community in general. 

Their accomplishments and actions have had a considerable impact at the cultural, social, economic, medical, legal, political, academic, artistic or sports level. Some of them work in the shadows and others perform in the spotlight, with a national or international reputation.

Via this distinction, we celebrate their commitment & impressive career path.







B.TOURE has imposed his signature in the world of fashion with his creations that always make us dream.

Born in Senegal, he was very early attracted by the threads and, after rubbing shoulders with several African and European stylists, his passion for fashion has sharpened over time.

This passionate and unconditional fashion is a self-taught stylist whose creations have not ceased to amaze us for some time.

His creations, he owes them to the mixture of his beautiful ideas and the nobility of the fabrics that he knows how to appreciate and work.

The eclectic sense he gives to them allows him to make patches of different fabrics, which reinforces the fact that there is really no limit for the creation. A design that goes very well with its slogan "Let's recreate clothing".


What is the name of your company?

My company has the signature << B.Touré >> which represents the name of my clothing brand.

What is the website?


Distinctions and awards:

I've participated in various parades internationally as well as nationally.

List of the most striking experiences:

My first big fashion show where I rubbed on stage great designers who don't need to be introduced anymore. Among them were Emma Style, Gilles Toure, Ciss Saint Moses, Thiané Diagne Day J... .

How long have you been in the field?

I have been in this sector for almost three (3) years; my activities started in 2016.

What are about your education?

A master in Marketing / Sales.

Current projects or future ambitions:

To bring my stone to the building as for the emergence of the African fashion.

Advice & tips to give to the youth?

To dare, keep on daring and always try to dare. Say "the sky's the limit and try your best to reach your goals."





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