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* BUFFET: a lot of food & drinks (halal);



* Video Presentation of REAL GAINDÉS on BIG SCREENS (15ft * 9ft);



* AFRICAN FLAG PARADE promoting National Shoes: see the video;

* SHOWS & ANIMATION: NIX, hadra, fashion show (with B.Touré), flag parade (with Black Panther), performances with traditional instruments (with Sadio Sissokho), etc.

* FUNDRAISING ACTIVITY for Qamer Foundation: providing hospital equipment for local villages in Africa - See the last mission;

* Presentation of the project for SPORT SHOES CUSTOMIZING with the colours of local sport clubs in Africa: See video;

* Winner of the REAL GAINDÉ's CONTEST: for more details, please click here;




The REAL GAINDÉS' CEREMONY is a celebration that mainly covers five (5) components:


The All Stars of this 1st edition have answered "present". The REAL GAINDÉS' CEREMONY is an opportunity to celebrate the career path of those who have worked in a significant way within the community.

Some have made us smile, laugh and dance. Others have made us want to read, to learn, to rediscover our history, to dream, to excel on a daily basis, to assert ourselves for noble causes, etc. All of them have had a rich career inspiring the respect and admiration of everyone. Therefore, during the ceremony, each REAL GAINDÉ will be introduced with honors, his works & achievements will be presented on a big screen. CONGRATULATIONS to our REAL GAINDÉS!

At a specific moment of the ceremony, a session for autographs & pictures is planned to reward those who have made the trip, honoring us by their presence at the REAL GAINDÉS' CEREMONY.



The REAL GAINDÉS' CEREMONY is also an event to revive the cultural identity of SENEGAL. Indeed, the country presents a great variety of traditions & customs, ethnic groups, languages, etc. which give it a special and very attractive character. SENEGAL destination remains one of the most popular of this world.

Via performances and shows that will take place during the REAL GAINDÉS' CEREMONY, the emphasis will be on the artistic, religious and socio-cultural components, celebrating the identity of this beautiful country.



Celebrated in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the REAL GAINDÉS' CEREMONY is a reminder of how you can come from totally different horizons and still persevere in order to achieve your professional and personal goals. Canada is a land of peace, openness, etc. and has one of the greatest cultural diversities of the world. Realizing your dreams is no longer an utopia. This great and beautiful country is a real land of welcome. In Canada, "The sky's The limit".



The winner of the REAL GAINDÉ CONTEST will be receiving his/her prize on stage. A presentation of his/her project will be made. To fully understand the positive impact of the latter on the community, the potential of the winning project will be made explicit, encouraging sponsors and other people to join in, physically and financially.

For more information on the competition, please click here.





Among the REAL GAINDÉS, some have worked extensively in noble causes, with a social impact, to improve conditions of a part of the population (orphans, disaster victims, disabled people, etc.). A special mention will be made during this ceremony to raise awareness of the audience on the reality of the situation orproblem in order to generate a positive response & collective contribution to address the issue. The aim is to offer sustainable support for the future.



  • Tickets of the ceremony are available online (no on-site sales on D-Day);
  • Deadline for the purchase of your tickets: April 27th, 2019;
  • Date & Time:  April 28th 2019, from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm; 
  • Location: Greater Toronto Area - 5400 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E6.


Price of the ticket per adult: $79.99 (not including taxes)

Price of the ticket per kid (up to 12 years old): $20 (including taxes, with babysitting & kids dinner)

To purchase your tickets 




2)by etransfer:

Password: africanish10

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For identification purposes, please fill out the form below:

FOR COMPANIES: Get one (1) vendor table + two (2) chairs to promote your bussiness ($150 including taxes). Therefore, get a 50% discount on the price of the ticket to enjoy the buffet & performances of the ceremony:

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