The title REAL GAINDÉ is awarded to all those who have exceptionally distinguished themselves by their service, their art and other professional activities carried out within the community. 

Their accomplishments and actions have had a considerable impact at the cultural, social, economic, medical, legal, political, academic, artistic or sports level. Some of them work in the shadows and others perform in the spotlight, with a national or international reputation.

Via this distinction, we celebrate their commitment & impressive career path.



Tamaro Touré: Big Cross from the Order of Merit of Senegal


President of the Board of Trustees of Tamaro Touré University of Science and Technology (Us3T).


Author of the book ''SOS Children's Villages in Senegal, an experience of deprived childhood'';

Author of the book ''Bracelets of Africa ''.


Many people say that she is our "Mother Teresa".

In the 1970s, President Léopold Sédar Senghor gave to his prime minister, Mr. Abdou Diouf (President of the Republic of Senegal, from 1980 to 2000), the mandate to create an SOS Children's Village. Tamaro Touré, his technical advisor, was in charge of this task. And what a beautiful & successful achievement afterwards!

President of SOS Children's Villages of Senegal (more than 30 years of activities in the service of childhood) with countless actions of generosity, sharing and compassion for orphans, countless humanitarian interventions towards affected people (floods, Mauritania-Senegal incident, accident of the Diola, etc.).


- First inspector of labor in West Africa;

- Technical advisor at the Primature then at the Presidency of the Republic of Senegal.

- "Gold Pin" awarded by Kinderdorf International KDI;

- "Diploma of Recognition" by the International Planned Parenthood Federation / Regional Africa (IPPF / RA);

- Honorary President of the "ASBEF" (Senegalese Association for the Welfare of the Family);

- Knight of the Lion National Order ;

- Knight of the Order of Merit.


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Boucar Diouf: Among the 100 most influential people in Quebec


Boucar Diouf between science, humor and communication.


Born on May 26, 1965 at Fatick from a farming family, Boucar Diouf arrived in Quebec in 1991 to complete his schooling. He holds a doctorate in oceanography from the Université du Québec à Rimouski.

A lover of scientific communication, today, Boucar has been a comedian, author and TV & radio host for about fifteen (15) years.

Boucar has four comedy shows to his credit, published six (6) books, and animates the science show named Nature by Boucar, for seven (7) years at ICI Radio-Canada Première;

Boucar is also a columnist in the debate section of the daily La Presse + for six (6) years.


- Boucar is a member of the Circle of Excellence of the University of Quebec Network since 2007;

- He received the 2016 Université de Québec Alumni Excellence Award in Rimouski;

- He received the Pierre Dansereau prize awarded by the Quebec Association of Biologists due to his contribution to the  advancement of the discipline;

- Since 2016, Boucar Diouf is also a member of the National Order of Quebec;

- In 2018, the magazine L'actualité recognized him as one of the 100 most influential people in Quebec.



 Dre Aoua Bocar Ly-Tall: Sociologist / Researcher / Author and more


Dre Aoua Bocar Ly-Tall

- Sociologist / Analyst ;

- Researcher in Social and Environmental Sciences ;

- Community organizer ;

- International speaker and consultant ;

- Author.

Publications of various writings were made,including her last book named "From the Queen of SABA to Michelle OBAMA, African women, heroines of yesterday and today: In the light of the work of Cheikh Anta DIOP" which traces the contribution of African women from the continent and its diasporas (North and South America, Europe and West Indies) to Universal Civilization.

With the General Secretary of the Francophonie, Abdou Diouf, former President of Senegal.

What is the name of your company, business, group, club, party, association or organization?

- Institute of Feminist Studies and Gender, University of Ottawa, Canada ;

- Fem En Vie, Inc., consulting firm on Women, Sustainable Environment and Diversity Education ;

- "African Women" Network / DiaFémA , African Feminine Diaspora in Quebec, Canada.

What is the website?


Words of encouragement for "Africanish Style" :

Your creativity, your ingenuity and your daring confirm me in my Afro-Optimism. Proud of you ! Yes you can!


Presentation of her book to the President of SENEGAL, Macky Sall.


• CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCEMENT from Temple University (Departments of African American Studies), Philadelphia, USA, October, 21th 2016;

•  GENERAL GOVERNOR OF CANADA AWARD for the "Affair Person", October 15, 2005; She was the first African-Canadian to receive this prestigious Award that the Government of Canada awards to the citizens who distinguished themselves in activities for the Gender Equity;

With the former General Governor of Canada, Michaelle JEAN, and the Recipients of the Person Award

• CERTIFICATE OF HIGH APPRECIATION by the CI-AF _Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices (FGC-excision, force-feeding, etc.) ", Burkina FASO, April 26, 2014.

• AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, "Téranga 2006" by the General Group of Senegalese in Canada (RGSC), April 15, 2006; then CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION on April 31, 2016;


With Didier Drogba - Montreal
With the artist BaaBa MAAL and the historian Dr. Oumar DIOUME

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Dr. Marie Diallo: PHARMACIAN CEO




What is your activity area?

Parapharmaceutical Product Development Laboratory

What is the name of your occupation?


What is the name of your company, business, group, club, party, association or organization?


What is the website?


How long have you been in the field?




Distinctions and Awards:


12 - 18 NOVEMBER 2018, DAKAR.

MARCH 10, 2018, DAKAR.


Signs of Excellence:

SEED AWARDS 2011 - "Feed yourself, you care for yourself and beautify yourself with the same plants" Project"Feed, heal and beautify with the same plants"
Winner of the "Pionnières" prize awarded by the UFCE (Union of Women Entrepreneurs of Senegal) in March 2011.

2009: Awarded "Damel development of the Thies region" by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Thies in May 2009.
Winner of the Grand Prize for "Savoir Faire et de l'Innovation", awarded by ONITS (National Organization for the Integration of Senegalese Tourism).

2008: Laureate of the Grand Prix "Initiatives", awarded by ORFA (Organization of African Businesswomen) for the position of woman Leader in industrial entrepreneurship.

2007: Awarded flagship company of the Thiès Region during the SME / PMU caravan in Thiès by the Minister for Women's Entrepreneurship.

2004: Winning Business of the Month by WABL (USAID).


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Ajwad Gebara, P.Eng: President of Nadine International Inc.



Ajwad Gebara was born in Senegal in the 1950's and was sent to live with his grandparents in Lebanon in1960. In 1971, he immigrated to Canada where he has spent his life building his dream.

As a Professional Engineer (P.Eng), he is the President of Nadine International Inc. which was the winner of the Consulting Engineers ''Award of Excellence''.

Website: www.nadineintl.com


Located in the region of Toronto, the company provides outstanding comprehensive engineering services in the field of Building Science, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Life Safety, Fire Protection and Code Compliance on time and on budget.

Nadine International Inc. is a member of various Associations of Professional Engineers in Canada and ISO 9001 registered. Its team of qualified and experienced professionals are committed to the principles of safety and property conservation by applying advanced technology to all applicable Codes and Standards.

Being international, the company has four (4) African nationalities represented in the establishment: Senegalese, Cameroonian, Egyptian and Guinean.

Ajwad is the author of the book ''The Abandoned Child '' which is a successful memoire that serves as inspiration to ''his fellow abandoned children'' who need it and also explains as he said:"My journey, from rags to riches".


Nicolas Omar Diop a.k.a NIX


Born in Senegal, in the city of Dakar, Nicolas Omar Diop a.k.a. NIX is one of the sure values of African rap. Like most of his generation, Nicolas gets to know the hip hop movement through dance.

He discovered French rap with Mc Solaar, Assassin, NTM, IAM ... The Senegalese Rap also made its rise with the emergence of POSITIVE BLACK SOUL. A Hip Hop movement was born in Senegal and generated in Nicolas the desire to create his place in this rap landscape. Via his uncle, he formed the rap group Kantiolis with young people from his neighborhood (Point E) in 1994.



- Award for the best video clip with "Zik Gentlemen" at the Hip Hop Awards of Senegal (2010).

- He was invited to collaborate in the World Festival of Negro Arts organized in Senegal where he had to perform with Wyclef Jean (2010).

- Award for the best video clip with "Rap Rek" at the Hip Hop Awards of Senegal (2004).

- Award for the best solo album "Black Crystal" at the Hip Hop Awards of Senegal (2003);

- Winner of rap competitions organized by the French Cultural Center (CCF), two years in a row, with his rap group Kantiolis (1994 and 1995).

His texts are in French, Wolof, English, with a mastery and a flow to move even the most reluctant. In 2003, NIX released its first solo album after the Kantiolis band had dissolved. On this album titled BLACK CRYSTAL, NIX brought back a new vibe and a new breath in the movement.


- RIMES DE VIE (2010);

- DAKAR ALL STARS:common album with Keyti, Gaston & Ass Malick (2005);


- EMW2 : The Ñuulest (2018).



Merry Bey Diouf: An ambivalent woman in the soul



Young, dynamic and smiling, Merry has everything to attract attention. Born of a Fulani mother and a father of Vietnamese origins, the one affectionately known as Merry received an education open to miscegenation with a mix of modernity and tradition.

Evolving in the field of communication after a surprising entry into the world of Information Technologies and Communication, Merry was very early into writing, at the age of eight (8) years . Novelist and poet, "The train of life" was her first collection of poems in bookstores,released in 2014 and edited by Phoenix International; A mix of sweetness and wisdom, love and hope.


Highly connected to the technology, Merry is also the creator and administrator of a group of 11,000 people on Facebook. This group is called BEING A GREAT PARENT and includes mothers, dads and aunts who are active on children's matters.

With several strings to her bow, Merry hosts a show that is related to New Technologies and is entitled Hi Tech 221! on the TFM. She is also a columnist in the first Morning TV show named "Yewuleen", dealing with IT subjects.

Hi Tech 221! is a show focused on technological news in Africa, Senegal and the World, which is trying to expand very broad by offering a showcase via an interview with experts on several topics.




Recently, Merry collaborated with an American director & producer for a film project tracing the history of Vietnamese emigrants and their descendants. She took part in writing the screenplay and put her voice to the film. Still in film projects, Merry also played as an extras in Omar Sy's movie "Yao" .


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In the online media and the daily L'Observateur:






REAL GAINDÉS: 3 Coaches of the "Dakar Université Club" (DUC)




Current Coach DUC, Dakar University Club

How long have you been in the field?

 21 years of experience (since 1997).

Group: The younger ones

Former sport club: Bopp.

Distinctions and Awards:

Champion of the Senegal Cup in 2000 (DUC coach with the cadets).

Best Coach of the Year 2000 (younger).

Champion of the Senegal Cup (Bopp player).

Current projects or future ambitions: "Train young girls in basketball to become one day Lionesses of the national team".

Tips to give to young people: "It is veryimportant to combine sport & studies."



Current Coach of the Dakar University Club (DUC)

How long have you been in the field? More than twenty (20) years of experience.

Group: Small categories (girls & boys)

Former sport clubs: Gorée, ASFO.

Distinctions and Awards:

Champion of the Regional Cup and finalist of the Senegal Cup, both in 1999 (coach of the DUC with the "minimes garçons").

Champion of the Kiné Basket School Tournament in 1997.

Finalist of the Senegal Cup (ASFO & Gorée player).

Current projects or future ambitions: "Continue to practice my coaching and train young people".

Advice to give to the young people: "Work, Discipline and Study; you have to believe in everything you do".


Coach Mouhamadou Lamine Diakhaté





What is the name of your occupation or job?

Coach - Technical Director of the "Dakar Université Club" (DUC) / Head of Sports Department of the "Centre des Oeuvres Universitaires de Dakar" (COUD) / Technical Statistician within the Senegalese Basketball Federation (FSBB) / FIBA certified Trainer - Statistician. 

What is the name of your company, business, group, club, party, association or organization?


How long have you been in the field?  

40 ans (since 1978)

Distinctions and awards:

Please consult the prize list below. To this are added national order titles which include the vermeil medal of work, knight of the merit order & officer of the merit order.

Other achievements:

COACH - TRAINER of basketball for the DUC's small categories since 1978. Same occupation as well at Mamadou and Bineta's Kindergarden, from1993 till now, including basketball for elementary school & preschool. Got a first aid certificate successfully validated in 2012. 

Ongoing projects or future ambitions:

I am planning to open up a Basketball School or Youth Basketball Center at the school where we have over 600 young people. Having a sports store would be great to develop the sport onsite.

Advice & tips to give to the youth:

To work hard, to be attentive, to be persevering and to have respect... To put our uncertainties and our fears of sides while knowing that nothing is ACQUIRED for the first, the second and even the third times. That is an important lesson. Successful people are those who  keep trying after failing several times.

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B.TOURE has imposed his signature in the world of fashion with his creations that always make us dream.

Born in Senegal, he was very early attracted by the threads and, after rubbing shoulders with several African and European stylists, his passion for fashion has sharpened over time.

This passionate and unconditional fashion is a self-taught stylist whose creations have not ceased to amaze us for some time.

His creations, he owes them to the mixture of his beautiful ideas and the nobility of the fabrics that he knows how to appreciate and work.

The eclectic sense he gives to them allows him to make patches of different fabrics, which reinforces the fact that there is really no limit for the creation. A design that goes very well with its slogan "Let's recreate clothing".

What is the name of your company?

My company has the signature << B.Touré >> which represents the name of my clothing brand.

What is the website?


Distinctions and awards:

I've participated in various parades internationally as well as nationally.

List of the most striking experiences:

My first big fashion show where I rubbed on stage great designers who don't need to be introduced anymore. Among them were Emma Style, Gilles Toure, Ciss Saint Moses, Thiané Diagne Day J... .

How long have you been in the field?

I have been in this sector for almost three (3) years; my activities started in 2016.

What are about your education?

A master in Marketing / Sales.

Current projects or future ambitions:

To bring my stone to the building as for the emergence of the African fashion.

Advice & tips to give to the youth?

To dare, keep on daring and always try to dare. Say "the sky's the limit and try your best to reach your goals."



Khadidiatou Ndiaye: President of SENONTARIO



Her name is Khadidiatou Ndiaye. With a Senegalese background, she settled in Canada more than twenty-five (25) ago. Married with two children, Mrs. Ndiongue Khadidiatou Ndiaye has a Bachelor in Social Work and is a member of the Social Workers and Social Service Workers Order in Ontario.

She is a tireless fighter for the promotion of authentic Senegalese cultures, traditions and values. She has a disproportionate passion for excellence, a recognized moral integrity.

Mrs. Ndiongue Khadidiatou Ndiaye is the actual President of the Senegalese Association of Ontario (SENONTARIO). For the past four (4) years, she has been working hard at Senontario to develop cultural activities, entrepreneurship workshops, activities to facilitate integration, talent competitions for the youth and otheractivities for the little ones.



Professor Ahmadou Wagué



- President of Tamaro Touré University of Science and Technology (Us3T);

- Director of the Institute of Applied Nuclear Technology; 

- Member of the National Academy of Science and Technology of Senegal; 

- International counselor of the American Physical Society and a member of its director board; 

- Member of the TRIESTE committee which is the International Center of Physics for the Development of Optical Sciences;

- Professor & Atomic Physicist who has a laser and application laboratory at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Senegal.



Dr. Mam Saidou Touré: Ondotology & Stomatology



Almost forty (40) years of experience in Dental Surgery;

Teacher - researcher;

PhD degree in Dental Surgery;

Specialty: Odontology;

Main assistant at iOS UCAD (1980 - Present);

Activities and Societies: Academy of Neurological Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS);

University Diploma for Applied Orthodontics - Paris VI - 1984.

Retired since 2015 but he still work & teach at the International Dental School located in Dakar.



Mrs Absatou Ly Diallo: Judge and Magistrate




- President of the chamber for the Appeal Court in Dakar, Senegal;

- An outstanding magistrate & a real professional exercising the judicial power within the Senegalese community;

- Held positions in the national office and the regional office;

- Member of the Association of Women Lawyers of Senegal and the International Association of Women Lawyers based in the United States.

- Council and member of a social chamber, always at the appeal court of Dakar. It is a chamber that judges the differences, the disputes between the employers and the workers. 

 - Volunteer member of the SOS Children's Village of Dakar. It deals with children in material and moral danger. It includes also children who are in conflict with the law,

- Married & mother of six (6) children, Mrs. Absatou Ly Diallo also carries out associative activities within the ASBEF, the Senegalese association for the welfare of the child and the family. 



 For your information:

The virtues that characterize our REAL GAINDÉS (determination, leadership, commitment, passion, courage, etc.) are UNIVERSAL values. Therefore, some of the REAL GAINDÉS are from different nationalities & horizons such as TANZANIA, SENEGAL, TOGO, CANADA, etc.


Bilkis Al-Haddad: President of Qamer Foundation (TANZANIA)


 Qamer Foundation, approved by Industry Canada – Canada Corporation Acts, is a charity organization (non-profit) to Serve Our Youth – our future leaders. Qamer Foundation was founded in the memory of Bilkis' children: Qamer, Ahmed and Nabil who were decreed to pass away in a tragic house fire on July 20th of 2002 in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

 The foundation serves our youth today, for better leaders tomorrow. They organise through funding different activities for our youth, to motivate and keep them on the right path. The path to knowledge, good deeds, volunteer for other and to be our future leaders.






Olga Lambert : Co-founder of "People of the Motherland" (TOGO)


In 2005, Olga co-founded People of the Motherland ,a World of Cultures, a non-profit organization with the mission to promote African cultures through education, visual, musical and culinary arts. 

The organization was birthed from a festival called Carassauga which is an annual festival in Mississauga. It is recognized as the 2nd largest cultural festival in Canada in terms of visits & ethnic diversity representation. I founded the organization because I noticed there was a significant shortage of African representation at the festival. People of Motherland is now responsible for making sure a different African country is given the opportunity to introduce itself to the attendees each year.

In 2006, Les Amazones were also established to promote traditional African cuisine, to teach youth in their community to cook, appreciate African food, and to allow others to discover the diversity is African cuisine.





Diellia Fatimata Touré : The author of the author




Diellia Fatimata Touré has spent her whole life investing in the success of her children, Fanta Soumaré Ndiaye & Oumar Soumaré, both living in Canada with their respective family.  During her youth, she was an actress & also studied industrial pharmacy in Senegal & in France. Diellia Fatimataenjoys now taking care of her six (6) grandchildren in Toronto & Montreal and always makes sure that the Africanish Style is implemented wherever she goes.




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